A Child's Guide On How to Spend a Port Day in Miami

Family Friendly Ideas for Cruising Out Of Miami

Last Updated on January 27th, 2020

Most people think of cruises as being filled with senior citizens enjoying a leisurely sojourn rather than family-friendly travel venues with plenty of amenities for active children, but modern cruises offer something for everyone. The number of family-friendly cruises has grown significantly in recent years. However, it's important for those cruises with kids to do their research prior to setting sale. Choosing the right cruise is the easy part — simply look for a cruise line with an emphasis on family cruises and take it from there. 

Family-friendly cruises offer a wide variety of activities and amenities designed to keep kids happy and engaged, but it's up to the adults in the party to identify and plan for shore excursions. Although free-ranging departure and port cities can be a fun approach when everyone in the party is an adult, having a plan works better when there are young minds to entertain. Here's what you need to know about opportunities for family fun for those taking cruises from Miami

The Miami Children's Museum

Conveniently situated close to the cruise ship port and brimming with activities and exhibits designed to delight little hearts and minds, The Miami Children's Museum is an excellent choice for spending a few quality hours with your children on either end of your cruise. The 56,500 square foot facility is one of the largest children's museums in the country and has won numerous awards. Examples of exhibits include Glass Lab, where children can gain an introduction to the fine art of glassworking to produce decorative and functional objects, Castle of Dreams, which is a two-story sand castle, and Cruise Ship, which provides an interactive experience designed to introduce them life on a cruise ship, making it an excellent choice for children who will soon be departing on their first cruise.

Zoo Miami

The largest zoo in Florida and the only sub-tropical zoo in the United States outside of Hawaii, Miami Zoo provides habitat for a wide variety of animals and plants from all over the world. Activities include wildlife presentations, safari tram tours, a wildlife carousel, pedal boats, monorail rides, a playground, a splash pad, and a waterplay area. There are also opportunities to feed rhinos, giraffes, camels, and parrots.

Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar is a boutique shop that carries confectionary delights from all across the globe. A child's dream, Dylan's offers more than 7,000 different kinds of candy and makes a very pleasant interlude during the course of exploring Miami's South Beach. Dylan's also has an ice cream bin for who like their sweets cold to take the edge off a warm Miami afternoon. 

Flamingo Park 

Situated in the heart of South Beach, 35-acre Flamingo Park provides an excellent opportunity for families to get some fresh air and exercise after they arrive in Miami. The playground features a large, covered Jungle Jim and other modern, well-kept play equipment such as a choo-choo train as well as plenty of grassy areas for relaxing and enjoying a picnic. 

The Beach

No visit to Miami should be without a trip to the beach. Whether you spend an hour, a half-day, or all day at Miami's iconic beach, your kids will have plenty of room to run and play in the sun. Cabana rentals are available for optimal convenience and relaxation, and you won't even have to leave the beach when the time comes to enjoy a meal — there are numerous food cars in the immediate area designed to delight a wide variety of discriminating palettes.

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