Five Reasons Why You Need a Havana Cabin On Carnival Panorama

Cruise in a Quiet and Child Free Carnival Cruise Ship

Last Updated on February 17th, 2020

If you're considering taking a cruise through the sunlit waters of Southern California down through the idyllic Mexican Riviera, you're probably seeking a vacation experience that's relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time — but you may have doubts about whether a cruise on a large ship is the vacation experience you want. Perhaps you feel that cruising doesn't offer the level of privacy that you prefer, or maybe you're seeking a more serene sojourn that doesn't involve spending time around families with young children. Fortunately, you don't have to sacrifice your desire for a more intimate leisure experience if you book a Havana Cabin on Carnival Panorama.

Havana Cabins were designed and constructed to offer discriminating passengers a cruising adventure and mimics a stay in an exclusive resort. Following are just five of the many advantages of booking a Havana Cabin.

A Child-Free Experience

Havana Cabana staterooms and suites are not available for those traveling with children under the age of 12. That means you'll be able to relax poolside, on the deck, or in one of the two Jacuzzis without the noise and activity that energetic children bring to the picture. Children also won't be able to access the area at any time during the cruise.


Those who have purchased Havana Cabanas are provided with a private infinity pool, two Jacuzzis, and a comfortable deckside lounging area that other passengers do not have access to. These areas are uncrowded and serene instead of busy and noisy, and you'll be able to sink into that good book you've been wishing you had time to read or enjoy a quiet chat with your traveling companion without being constant distractions.

A Heated Infinity Pool

Pools on cruise ships headed for tropical waters are rarely heated at all, and some people find them a little too chilly at first even when outdoor temperatures are high. The infinity pool available exclusively to Havana Cabana passengers is kept at a very comfortable 85 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 29 °C) for the entire cruise. You'll also enjoy exclusive access to two private Jacuzzis.

Spacious Outdoor Relaxation Areas

You'll find plenty of seating in the poolside and Jacuzzi area, and most Havana Cabins feature larger-than-usual patios. The patios are fenced in and include a chair swing and two chairs.

Havana Cabana Suites

For an ultimate luxury vacation experience, consider booking a Havana Cabana Suite. These average 360 square feet (ca. 33 m²) and feature a separate living space and roomy bedroom, close proximity to the Havana Bar and the poolside area, and an extra-large outdoor lounging space equipped with a hammock. The shower is more than twice the size of an average cruise ship shower, making it ideal for those who enjoy sharing their shower with an intimate partner. Perhaps best of all, the shower is equipped with a luxurious rainfall showerhead.

You don't necessarily have to do without the Havana Cabana experience if you're sticking to a specific travel budget. Havana Cabana interior cabins are also available, and you'll still enjoy all the perks provided to any Havana Cabana passenger.

Even those who don't book a Havana Cabana nonetheless enjoy the stellar service and amenities that make Carnival Cruises stand out. However, the Havana Cabana option makes 7-day cruises an excellent choice for those desiring to take a tropical cruise but want to relax in an uncrowded, child-free atmosphere.

Havana Cabin Cruises On Carnival's Panorama
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