How Much Does It Cost to Cruise?

What's Included? What's Extra? Are Our Prices Real?

Last Updated on July 13th, 2018

One of the dangers of advertising amazing cruise deals is that people often don't believe that they're legitimate. People have posted on our Facebook page trying to warn others of our "fake" prices, and I've answered dozens of emails from customers who are convinced that there must be fees we're hiding from them.

The truth is that we are the only cruise agency I'm aware of that shows the actual price in the same way that all airlines do. Every other cruise agency shows the pre-tax price, and then tacks on the port fees and taxes at the end.

The prices you see on CruiseSheet are always the entire price, no gimmicks or tricks. The reason our prices seem so low is because we show you the best deals we have, and we order searches by the cost per day. It could be argued that that's not the best idea for our business, but we figure that we'll build loyalty by finding people the best cruise for them and treating them fairly, not by hustling them into a more expensive cruise.

While there are no mandatory charges once you're onboard, tipping is just about mandatory. You'll be charged a flat fee of somewhere between $10 and $14 per day, which covers tips for all of the stateroom attendants, buffet attendants, and dining room waiters. You could opt out of paying those tips, but it's highly discouraged as it's how those employees make the bulk of their money.

On board all meals are free, both in the buffet and the main dining room. Room service is usually free as well, but sometimes carries a small delivery charge. Access to the pools, gym, library, nightclubs, music venues, theater, and other facilities is also free.

Most alcoholic beverages cost money, as do some optional dinners at specialty restaurants, coffee at coffeeshops, photos, shore excursions and internet access.

Cruisers generally love cruising because so much is included. You can easily go without spending any money besides tips, or you can indulge and take advantage of the premium services offered on modern ships.

To sum it up, our prices are all authentic and include all taxes and fees. We don't include tips or discretionary spending. If you've never cruised before, you'll probably be amazed at what a great value cruising is, and even if you're an experienced cruiser, you might be surprised at just how inexpensively we can book you on an incredible voyage.

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