2017 CruiseSheet Invitational

Last Updated on July 13th, 2018

My friends and I love cruising, especially long transoceanic voyages. In particular, we love ignoring most of the activities and conventions of normal cruising and making our own schedules.

This year we're organizing a small group of entrepreneurs, writers, and other people who like to do independent work, to join us on an incredible transatlantic cruise.

We'll spend part of the day working (or reading, researching, pondering, brainstorming, etc), but will also have group activities like werewolf games, round-table discussions of each others' businesses, and icebreakers.

The particular cruise we're going on leaves from Florida and goes to Europe in late April. The ship has wifi, minigolf, and the flow-rider surfing wave.

The total cruise is 14 days, but you could also leave after 9 days if your schedule is tight. Total price is around $700 per person.

This is a great setting to have long conversations with interesting and inspiring people, hit the gym hard while pounding down stacks of delicious steaks, or focus on a big block of work in a relaxing and distraction-free environment.

Because it's hard to manage big groups of people and we want to curate a group that will benefit from each others' company, we're having people apply to join us. To do so, fill out the form below

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