Is CruiseSheet Legit?

Some Reviews From Other Cruisers...

Last Updated on July 13th, 2018

I initially created CruiseSheet as a tool for my own use—I wanted to find the best cruises at the best prices. Since then it's evolved into the easiest to use cruise search engine, used by thousands of people every week. I recently asked a few customers how their experience was using CruiseSheet, and here's what they said:

"I used CruiseSheet to book a cruise for a group of 8 friends. We found a repositioning trip from New York to Puerto Rico that I would NEVER have found using any other website. It was easy to know all the prices involved, too (no hidden fees). We signed up and it was a great trip. The funny thing is that I was telling everyone about the site the whole time on the cruise!!"

—Nick Gray, Founder at

"I've used CruiseSheet for my travel planning and recommended it to friends and family alike. I like that the site doesn't hide taxes or fees— it's all upfront in the pricing— and that it's intuitive to use for searching by price or by destination."

—Jodi Ettenburg, Author at

"If you wanna cruise but don't want to fall for the cruise ship pricing tricks or spend hours researching, just use CruiseSheet.

There's no other way to book a cruise as easily as CruiseSheet."

—Amit Gupta, Founder at

"Before CruiseSheet, there were two fundamental truths about the world: 1. Taking a cruise is like heaven on earth, and 2. Booking a cruise is like the seventh circle of hell.

I still remember the first time I tried to book a cruise. I must have called ten different agents, gone to twenty different websites, and filled out my personal information three-hundred and sixty-two times. The trouble is - just everyone out there is trying to screw you over, hiding taxes and fees until the last moment, obscuring the price per day, trying to upgrade you when you don't need an upgrade...the list goes on.

CruiseSheet's turned that all on its head. I can finally find a cruise exactly the way I want - by destination and price. I just choose where I want to go, and boom: immediately the best deals pop out at me. CruiseSheet sorts them all however I want (personally, I prefer 'cheapest by day'), and I know instantly that the prices are both the best I'll ever find and all-inclusive of taxes and fees."

—Benjamin Yu, Founder at

We get a lot of skepticism at CruiseSheet, mainly because our prices are so low. And I don't blame people— there are a lot of fly-by-night cruise agencies that are run as part-time hobby businesses. CruiseSheet is different. We work every day both to help people find and book their dream cruises, and to create a better platform for finding those cruises.

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