Date:06/01/2018From:AucklandPrice:$17,534 Book Now
Nights:106To:AucklandPer Day:$165
Date:June 1, 2018 From:Auckland
Ship:Sea Daily:$165
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This Isn't Your Grandma's Cruise! Visit Exotic Ports Like Cephalonia for $17,534 Total

Join the Princess Sea and prepare for one hundred and six days of breathtaking cruising all over the globe from Auckland and back! Based in Brisbane and Sydney and refurbished just three years ago in 2015, more than 2,400 passengers can sail on this big highly-rated ship.

While aboard this Labor Day trip you'll experience very popular cities like Sydney and Barcelona as well as very uncommon cities like Cephalonia, Ancona, and Nanortalik. This route is an uncommon one for the Sea. As a matter of fact, it sails it only once.

We include all all taxes and port fees in this price, so that you can compare trips easily. Coming in at less than $170 a day, this bargain is.

Day 89: Lima
Day 40: Kotor
Day 60: Reykjavik

Pricing Information

Since it was first listed on November 12th of last year, the price of this cruise has varied between $16,534 and $18,334 for a cabin, including $1,645 in taxes and port charges. This graph shows the cost over time for each type of cabin. At only $1,000 higher than the all time low of $16,534 today is a great time to secure your stateroom

$17,534 $19,534 $27,934 $43,934
$165.42 per day $184.28 per day $263.53 per day $414.47 per day
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Your Itinerary

This sailing consists of sixty-one days at sea and forty-four days in port. Major features include visits to very uncommon destinations like Cephalonia and Ancona as well as long stops in Southhampton, Miami, Quebec City, Papeete and more.

Fri, Jun 1Auckland, New Zealand9:00pm
Sat, Jun 2Bay of Islands, New Zealand8:00am4:00pm
Sun, Jun 3At Sea
Mon, Jun 4At Sea
Tue, Jun 5Sydney, Australia7:00am4:00pm
Wed, Jun 6At Sea
Thu, Jun 7Brisbane, Australia7:00am5:00pm
Fri, Jun 8At Sea
Sat, Jun 9At Sea
Sun, Jun 10At Sea
Mon, Jun 11At Sea
Tue, Jun 12At Sea
Wed, Jun 13At Sea
Thu, Jun 14Komodo Island, Indonesia6:00am4:00pm
Fri, Jun 15At Sea
Sat, Jun 16At Sea
Sun, Jun 17Singapore9:00am6:00pm
Mon, Jun 18At Sea
Tue, Jun 19At Sea
Wed, Jun 20At Sea
Thu, Jun 21Colombo, Sri Lanka8:00am8:00pm
Fri, Jun 22At Sea
Sat, Jun 23At Sea
Sun, Jun 24At Sea
Mon, Jun 25Muscat, Oman9:00am5:00pm
Tue, Jun 26Dubai, United Arab Emirates12:00pm
Wed, Jun 2711:00pm
Thu, Jun 28At Sea
Fri, Jun 29At Sea
Sat, Jun 30At Sea
Sun, Jul 1At Sea
Mon, Jul 2At Sea
Tue, Jul 3At Sea
Wed, Jul 4Aqaba, Jordan7:00am11:00pm
Thu, Jul 5Suez Canal, Egypt (Cruising)
Fri, Jul 6
Sat, Jul 7At Sea
Sun, Jul 8Cephalonia, Greece12:00pm10:00pm
Mon, Jul 9Corfu, Greece8:00am6:00pm
Tue, Jul 10Kotor, Montenegro8:00am6:00pm
Wed, Jul 11Dubrovnik, Croatia7:00am4:00pm
Thu, Jul 12Venice, Italy8:00am
Fri, Jul 136:00pm
Sat, Jul 14Ancona, Italy8:00am6:00pm
Sun, Jul 15At Sea
Mon, Jul 16Messina, Sicily8:00am6:00pm
Tue, Jul 17Salerno, Italy7:00am6:00pm
Wed, Jul 18At Sea
Thu, Jul 19Barcelona, Spain7:00am
Fri, Jul 202:00pm
Sat, Jul 21At Sea
Sun, Jul 22Lisbon, Portugal12:00pm11:00pm
Mon, Jul 23At Sea
Tue, Jul 24At Sea
Wed, Jul 25Southhampton, England (London)7:00am11:00pm
Thu, Jul 26At Sea
Fri, Jul 27Cork, Ireland7:00am10:00pm
Sat, Jul 28At Sea
Sun, Jul 29At Sea
Mon, Jul 30Reykjavik, Iceland9:00am11:00pm
Tue, Jul 31At Sea
Wed, Aug 1At Sea
Thu, Aug 2Nanortalik, Greenland7:00am6:00pm
Fri, Aug 3Qaqortoq, Greenland7:00am6:00pm
Sat, Aug 4At Sea
Sun, Aug 5At Sea
Mon, Aug 6Corner Brook, Canada8:00am6:00pm
Tue, Aug 7At Sea
Wed, Aug 8Saguenay, Canada7:00am6:00pm
Thu, Aug 9Quebec City, Canada7:00am11:00pm
Fri, Aug 10At Sea
Sat, Aug 11Charlottetown, Canada12:00pm10:00pm
Sun, Aug 12At Sea
Mon, Aug 13At Sea
Tue, Aug 14New York, NY7:15am
Wed, Aug 154:00pm
Thu, Aug 16At Sea
Fri, Aug 17Charleston, SC9:00am11:00pm
Sat, Aug 18At Sea
Sun, Aug 19Miami, FL9:00am11:00pm
Mon, Aug 20Key West, FL9:00am11:00pm
Tue, Aug 21At Sea
Wed, Aug 22At Sea
Thu, Aug 23Puerto Limon, Costa Rica7:00am7:00pm
Fri, Aug 24Panama Canal (Cruising)
Sat, Aug 25At Sea
Sun, Aug 26Manta, Ecuador5:00am7:00pm
Mon, Aug 27At Sea
Tue, Aug 28Lima, Peru12:00pm
Wed, Aug 2911:00pm
Thu, Aug 30At Sea
Fri, Aug 31At Sea
Sat, Sep 1At Sea
Sun, Sep 2At Sea
Mon, Sep 3Easter Island8:00am7:00pm
Tue, Sep 4At Sea
Wed, Sep 5At Sea
Thu, Sep 6Pitcairn Island10:00am2:00pm
Fri, Sep 7At Sea
Sat, Sep 8At Sea
Sun, Sep 9Papeete, Tahiti8:00am11:00pm
Mon, Sep 10Raiatea, Society Islands8:00am5:00pm
Tue, Sep 11At Sea
Wed, Sep 12International Date Line (Cruising)
Fri, Sep 14At Sea
Sat, Sep 15At Sea
Sun, Sep 16Auckland, New Zealand10:00am
Day 84: Puerto Limon
Day 42: Venice
Day 25: Muscat
Day 49: Barcelona
Day 55: London
Day 41: Dubrovnik
Day 95: Easter Island
Day 78: Charleston
The Sea
Day 67: Corner Brook
Day 34: Aqaba
Day 72: Charlottetown
Day 17: Singapore
Day 81: Key West
Day 39: Corfu
Day 80: Miami
Day 63: Nanortalik
Day 75: New York
Day 5: Sydney
Day 21: Colombo
Day 2: Bay of Islands
Day 102: Raiatea
Day 26: Dubai
Day 101: Papeete
Day 38: Cephalonia
Day 46: Messina
Day 64: Qaqortoq
Day 52: Lisbon
Day 98: Pitcairn Island
Day 7: Brisbane
Day 14: Komodo Island
Day 87: Manta
Day 44: Ancona
Day 70: Quebec City

Alternate Sailings

Sold Out

The Sea sails this route once this year. This is the only ship that sails this exact route. In the accompanying graphic you can see a visualization of when this ship sails as well as the relative price.

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